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Do you own a unit at the Malaga Towers Condo?

If you would like to SELL your Malaga condo for top-dollar very quickly, this may be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here’s why: My name is Olga Zaurova, and in 2016, I was just starting out in real estate. I didn’t have any listings, any clients and any sales.

I was working hard and was doing everything I was taught to do as a Realtor®, yet my results were unpredictable at best. I was getting desperate.

Then, one day, my marketing director and I came up with a crazy idea about making a certain kind of an online ad campaign to attract international and out-of-state buyers looking to purchase in the Miami / Ft. Lauderadle area.

Why am I sharing this? Simply this: That campaign resulted in dozens of closed deals and helped me become the #1 Top Producer at my brokerage.

The best thing is I am still running my online ads and have compiled a database of over 10,000 people interested in buying in South Florida. Some of the people on my list are specifically looking for a unit at the Malaga Towers Condo.

Closed Sales at the Malaga Towers Condo

 Address Unit # Sale Price Closing Date
1920 S. Ocean Dr. 14A $452,500 10/01/2019
1920 S. Ocean Dr. 19A $550,000 07/30/2019
1912 S. Ocean Dr. 8A $630,000 01/14/2019
1912 S. Ocean Dr. 16C $495,000 06/15/2018
1912 S. Ocean Dr. 19D $610,000 06/04/2018
1912 S. Ocean Dr. 11C $454,500 04/27/2018
1912 S. Ocean Dr. 9A $740,000 04/11/2018

Learn how I help Florida condo owners sell their property.

I helped Magda sell her ocean-front condo and she couldn't be happier.

Juan Carlos was looking for a vacation property in Hollywood, FL.

I helped Iris find the perfect ocean-front property!

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Olga Zaurova listed our apartment and it was under contract within a week. She did an outstanding job in marketing our unit to the right clientele. She kept us well informed, worked very well with our attorney and the closing went very smoothly. Olga was very professional and a pleasure to work with. review by Calvin Helitzer, Plantation (Seller)
Olga knows the market and her potential buyers. She brings a wealth of details to the table. From the profressional pictures to the movement of offers, inspections and closing details. She took care of them all in a very timely manner. I would use her services in the future review by Magda Nica - Chicago (Seller)
Olga is extremely professional. She is punctual and amazingly quick and effective in responding to all the challenges that inevitably arise during the sale process. She exudes intelligence, enthusiasm and knowledge of her field. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with such an outstanding professional realtor. Olga worked a miracle in helping me sell my Florida condo in such record time and with the least amount of headaches. Due to human negligence and hurricane Irma my wonderful condo was “trashed.”
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Who I Can Help?

  • Have you unsuccessfully tried to sell your Malga Towers condo?
  • Does your unit need a renovation?
  • Was your unit damaged?
  • Did you inherit your Malga Towers property?
  • Are you unsure about the timing?
  • Are you unfamiliar with the current market conditions?
  • Are you thinking of renting out your unit?
  • Are you looking to purchase another property prior to listing?
  • Are you barely using your unit?
  • Are the carrying costs too high?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any of the Above Questions
You Should Try My 4-Part Listing Strategy
for Florida Condo Owners

Part 1 – price

To successfully sell your condo, it's extremely important to price the property at the accurate market value from the very beginning.

Underpricing the property will not only reduce your payout but will also make potential buyers wonder why the price seems below market.

A common misconception when it comes to overpricing your property is that doing so will give you wiggle room to negotiate the final price. What typically happens is that the property sits on the market and has very few showings and no serious offers. Eventually a lowball offer brings the price down, resulting in an at market sale after a lengthy delay.

When you price your condo at a fair market value from the beginning, you get active interest from real buyers who want to see the property immediately. Such buyers generally make a timely offer because they know that the price is competitive and want to seize the opportunity.

Part 2 – marketing

A typical strategy for Realtors is to add your property to the MLS, Trulia, Zillow etc. In today’s “mobile-first” world that is not enough. Most people are searching for properties on their mobile phones and I have several tested strategies that work amazingly well when it comes to getting your condo in front of the right people.

68% of Americans use Facebook and over 90% of my buyer leads are coming from Facebook Ads. When sellers list their property with me, I spend my own money on paid Facebook Ads to attract buyers for their condo. I’ve compiled a proprietary database of 10,000+ people interested in buying a condo in the Miami / Fort Lauderdale area. This in turn allows me to distribute all my listings to a wide audience NOT available to other realtors.

It is my practice to always work with a professional photographer to take beautiful pictures of my clients’ properties. I employ a full-time award-winning marketing director who sets up and runs my Facebook Ads and works tirelessly to get every single one of my listings sold.

Part 3 – presentation

Repainting your condo is one of the cheapest ways to update your property. Uncommon colors may not appeal to buyers. Use light neutral color tones instead. Pull your rooms together by placing accent pieces from the same color palette throughout your condo. This will create a more cohesive look.

Stage every room for its intended purpose. If you’ve converted the spare bedroom into a den, or the walk-in closet into an office, make the effort to convert those rooms to the way that most people use them.

Get rid of family photos, religious artifacts, and personal items. You want to create an objective space – a blank canvas so to speak – for potential buyers.

Part 4 – representation

It is important to find an agent you feel comfortable with, who is experienced and knowledgeable in the local market. Moreover, the agent who represents you should have a clear strategy to help you sell your Malaga Towers condo for top dollar within your desired timeframe!

I support my clients from A to Z and help them navigate through the entire sale process. My sales record, my extensive expertise, 100% commitment to customer satisfaction, and my “go-getter” New York work ethic make me a top pick for anyone looking to partner with a dedicated REALTOR® in South Florida.

I look forward to hopefully shaking hands sometime soon.

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